Photosession "Agua" Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, Juli 2012

pics by Tiago Assis, Lagos - locations: Lagos (outside)/exhibition "planta" in Centro Cultural de Lagos -

projections as part of "Left behind", an exhibition in Centro Cultural, Lagos (Portugal),


Performance "Agua" Hamburg, Juni 2012

Performance (Un-)Conciousness - Miss Mari-ON and DJ/VJ Manuel Zeeman - Centro Cultural -Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - August 2010

Photosession "Roundabout Chairs", Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, 2010

pics by Andreas Müller & Katharina Carlsness, format united, Hamburg,

Photosession, Project B-22, Hamburg, 2008

pics by Andreas Müller & Katharina Carlsness,

Performancegruppe Lunalanding - Project B-22 - Hamburg - 2006/07

Salon Roxxa, Westwerk, Hamburg, 2007


further information about the project and locations:,,


Lunalanding living sculpture - the artists´group positioned perfomativity at the center of their contribution to the project. In "Lunalanding" an invasion takes place, right in the middle of the grounds of action. This living sculpture landed and integrated those who present by means of indiscriminate disturbances: annoying sounds, obscure behavior and bizarre statements pushed the work towards absurdity. Somewhere between the future and the next complex.
This close encounter of an absurd kind was something that visibly overwhelmed some members of the public. A good opportunity to imagine what happens when people come into contact with art, or vice versa. Between annoyance and delays, some visitors were quite simply not prepared to engage in this sort of experience. For others however, perhaps not always voluntarily - it triggered something: a conversation, a thought, an idea. Something broke through the hardened facade of conditioning about what is expected of aesthetics, meaning and knowledge.

Text by:
Galerie Peter Borchardt
Rik Reinking


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